Enabling retailers to drive profit out of the "last 100 yards of the supply chain.". Retailers are refocusing their attention on the store, cutting costs and seeking to optimize the return-on-inventory investment across all product categories. For retailers, nearly 25% of inventory is perishable - a potential 3% loss to the bottom line if price cuts, promotions and other selling techniques fail.

But imagine it is possible for retailers to track real-time demand for perishable items in each store, and automatically adjust prices and promotions to prevent spoilage while also protecting margins. With our Dynamic Store Merchandising solution (DSM), reducing loss and turning it into profit is actually happening.


By constantly looking at in-store inventory, demand level and sell through rates, Dynamic Store Merchandising enables retailers to drive profit out of the "last 100 yards of the supply chain." Using same-store analytics to focus on operations and processes where margin is at risk or can be improved, DSM helps retailers:

  • Reduce waste and margin losses from perishable items
  • Cut inventory-carry costs
  • Maximize promotions performance while minimizing post-promotion mark-downs
  • Reverse margin erosion from increased discounting, promotions and special offers
  • Optimize personnel productivity
DYNAMIC STORE MERCHANDISING IN ACTION For example, a grocer with approximately $1 billion turnover averages $500m to $600m of sales from perishable items. That means a potential loss of $30 million from the bottom line through lost margin and waste. When deploying DSM to determine when to begin price cuts, promotions or other actions, 25% or more of the waste could be saved - nearly $7.5 million - which translates into increasing sales by $150 million. By using our Dynamic Store Merchandising, they can:
  • Reduce loss on perishables from 25-80%
  • Increase profit by as much as 4%
  • Expect ROI in less than 1 year

Dynamic Store Merchandising deployment starts with an OIM Trend Analysis to verify the benefits of the solution and the cost, leveraging the retailer's existing infrastructure. With agreed upon milestones, measured within the first month of operation, the solution can be up and running in less than 90 days.

For more information, contact us at info@worldetech.com. LOSS PREVENTION

Protect store profits! Combat losses at the point of checkout with World eTech's leading solutions. Shrink generally accounts for about one to three percent of a store's retail sales. That amounts to billions of dollars per year across the industry. These losses obviously have a significant impact on retail margins.

To combat this growing challenge, World eTech offers industry-leading loss prevention solutions that integrate with your existing point of sale, self-checkout, and digital video surveillance systems. Combined with a team of seasoned loss prevention experts, we can rapidly deliver a solution to help reduce shrink that can begin delivering ROI within weeks of installation.


Digital video surveillance systems used by retailers to scrutinize store operations create megabytes and terabytes of digital data that traditionally has been very difficult to associate with point of sale data. Which and how much video to pull back to find one offending incident is often a guessing game. Even the best auditors can only look at 20 - 30 incidents per day when using video that is not synchronized with POS transactions.

World eTech's Cashier Shrink Solution featuring Agilence Hawkeye 3.3 is the first loss prevention solution to perfectly synchronize video surveillance with line-item time stamps in each transaction. The new, patented solution provides a real-time view of individual cashier stations, the transaction data and a time stamped store video of the activity around the area.


World eTech and Evolution Robotics Retail, a global leader in visual pattern recognition (ViPRĀ®) technology, have come together to deliver a total solution to reduce bottom of the basket (BOB) shrink featuring LaneHawk.

Using a robotic camera and patented ViPR software, LaneHawk enables fast, accurate, item-level identification of shoppers' BOB items. When the LaneHawk system identifies a BOB item, the cost of the item is added to the checkout transaction in real time - capturing the losses as they occur - not after the unpaid for products leave the store.


World eTech's Self Service Alliance Program brings together the skills of many of today's leading companies building Kiosk and Self-checkout solutions. This worldwide program highlights the innovative technological skills of World eTech and companies from a wide range of disciplines. These companies have chosen our Self-service products and services as value components of their client solutions.

The program includes the following Products & Support:

  • POS Systems
  • Self-service (kiosks, self-checkout)
  • Peripherals (printers, displays)
  • Software, systems management and middleware
  • Small-medium business POS and kiosk systems
  • Hardware support
  • Software support
  • Manuals and publications
  • Search Knowledgebase resources
  • Education and training
  • World eTech Retail Users Group