Mobile App Creation


The World Should Be This Responsive An effective app development process flow spans over six key phases. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, following this development process will make your enterprise mobile app development initiative a success. App development is an ongoing process and will continue after the initial launch as [...]

The ACE System


Overview The ACE System is a large scale ERP/CRM Intranet system managing multiple warehouse-type wholesale stores in LA County. It has an inventory management system, POS terminals in multi-locations, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders & Internal Orders management systems, and Customers & Vendors management systems - all integrated seamlessly. Inventory [...]

Jayone Web Sales Order System


Jayone Web Sales Order System is a tool for Jayone's salesmen to take orders using tablet devices from its customers sites - super markets, mini markets, food stores, etc. This system was integrated seamlessly to their existing ERP system. Salesperson login > select customers > review payment history Select items > place an order > [...]

Fashion/Beauty Market Place


For 10 years, World eTech has served numerous fashion, clothing, beauty & jewelry wholesale clients in LA Jobber Market.  January 7 Clothing Stella Shoes H&D Jewelry (Pola) Bella-K Ellison Redsun (Lime Wholesale) Love Melrose Roly Poly Miss V Collection Judy's Accessories Jalapeno Shoes RanyStyle Main Apparel Queens Beauty Beautique Nail Wholesale Kancan Seven Hearts [...]



Tan TV는 40여년의 방송 경륜을 바탕으로 미주동포 사회와 함께 성장해온대표 한인 방송사입니다. 한인방송으로써의 역할 뿐 아니라 한인사회의 구심점으로 타민족 커뮤니티와의 교량으로 더욱 도약해 나가기 위해 최선을 다하고 있습니다. 미주 최초의 한인위성방송인 TAN TV는 바람직한 방송 문화 형성에 기여하고 재미있고 신선한 감각의 방송 콘텐츠을 공급함으로 미주 동포 여러분의 행복한 동반자로 남을 것입니다. 1976년, 하와이 한국어 소리방송 "Voice of Korea”로 [...]